Answer House

5 G Street     South Boston, MA 02127

Tel: 617-268-7124 | Fax: 617-268-5572

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Mission Statement

Answer House is a Halfway House for men to help to improve the quality of life and independent functioning of a wide variety of clients through the delivery of an extensive system of community based substance abuse and social service programs. Our program helps our clients to emphasize dignity, respect and empowerment. We believe in teaching individuals the skills and problem solving abilities needed for self-sufficiency. We are a (6) six month program, with a variety of groups to help our clients cope with their substance abuse issues.  

Director’s Biographical Information  


Contact Person for Referrals      

Michael Baldwin, 617-268-7124, Mon-Fri 9-4

Admission Policy  

Answer House is a (6) six month Halfway House for males with substance abuse issues, we require the client contact the program through a case worker from a holding facility, or a correctional facility. We have 24 beds, 6 of which are exclusively for clients coming from correctional institutions. We require that the individual have a psych-social and recent PPD upon his arrival for an interview. We do not except sex offenders and/or arsonists. No individuals that are taking strong psych meds, methadone, bupenorphine, and/or suboxone.