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The Gavin Foundation operates two addiction recovery homes for teens: one for males and one for females. The residential component consists of three phases and is a six month program with sixteen young men and fourteen young women between the ages of 16 and 20. Each year, Cushing Houses serve close to 100 youth and their families.

The Cushing House programs promote healing in family relationships by providing groups for parents and opportunities for families to socialize with each other, and other families in the program. Most residents are diagnosed with moderate to severe substance use disorders, and have difficulty in school and at home.  Some are involved with the criminal justice system. Cushing House promotes self-care, self-reliance and community responsibility, through structured activities and the experience of living in a residential setting. Although both use a similar structure, gender specific groups and activities are included in the programs.  Residents are expected to participate in life skills training including cooking, cleaning and other chores. Unique to the Cushing House treatment program is animal-assisted therapy. Rowan the therapy dog helps residents deal non-verbally with anxiety and emotions. Psycho-educational and recovery support groups are the primary tools, teaching about the nature of addiction, and the practice and principles of recovery.

Cushing House aims to help youth affirm positive values and establish a web of services to support sobriety and addiction recovery. Both programs are licensed as residential rehabilitation programs for adolescents by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, Department of Public Health. 

Contact Info for Referrals    

Chris Longtine
Intake Coordinator Boys
617-269-2933 ext. 5

Karen O’Brien
Intake Coordinator Girls
617-269-2933 ext.6  



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  1. I’m going to the college UMass my second semester I have to do an internship in a program and I was very interested in your program so if you have any information or if you can respond to this I would really appreciate it so you can maybe tell me the process of how to go about it


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