East Boston Rehab

52 White Street  Boston, MA 02128

Tel: 617-569-2089


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  1. Hello
    I am really looking forward to speaking with staff members,about residential liven,an about the program.
    Thank you very much…


  2. The East Boston Rehab kicked me out for attending an appointment at a career center ,at 9:00 am. Which conflicted with the morning meditation group that goes 8:00 to 8:15. I’m still waiting for my discharge papers, which they refuse to give me, in an attempt to cover their tracks, I suspect. As they withdrew the $194 balance of my EBT card, not more than an hour before I came home from job search to find that I was being kicked out. I still remain sober despite the administrations attempt to destroy my focus and determination. I was told by staff that” this isn’t the real world, ” that I need to obey their rules . Appointments don’t matter to them. I was really in shock. However, this isn’t the first time that a Recovery based program has left a bad taste in my mouth. It seems that it’s a big rackett, not about helping the struggling addicts or alcoholic anymore, but rather taking advantage of our vulnerability


  3. There needs to be something done with the East Boston rehab program on white street , they kicked my son out on his way to a meeting at 7:pm called him back to the house just to kick him out at 8:30 at night . That could have been deadly if my son didn’t have the support of family .. left in Boston where he could have gotten high thank god he didn’t .. he got kicked out for so called being rude! Not getting high ! What do they expect theses are men getting off of drugs hard drugs ! Meth, Heroin , and everything else. He had passed every drug test he never missed curfew he did his chores, to get kicked out of a house because they do t like you is disgusting and it might not have ended well for my son. He got a great job and started paying they had him sign up for food stamps but there is never food there . For some who work late you can’t cook after 8 . It seems the people running this program set it up for you to fail! My son begged and cried not to be kicked out this is not just his home so of course he could be homeless but he has kids that he has to support how do you keep a job! How do you stay sober when the people there don’t care if you are clean they want to be a judge and judge you . I don’t care if you are not being physical then that’s what matter!! and going to meetings whether you talk in a meeting for some this is the first time going if you are mad at yourself for the choices you make not everyone has a smile on there face and that’s ok ! Nobody is perfect ! I’m disgusted in the way this is run . They are known to throw people out to fast making you sign a note saying you will be good so they can cover them selves and go kick you out 1 day later.. his food stamps are gone . He isn’t perfect but he isn’t using! And that to me is amazing 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 But where does he go from here .


  4. To Adam: You yourself stated that it wasn’t the first time a recovery based program left a bad taste in your mouth……..So obviously it wasn’t your first rodeo…….In other words your a program All Star…… someone who keeps on f****** up and expects an unlimited amount of chances i.e, program after program after program at the tax payers expense……..How bout pull your head out of your ass and take the binky outta your mouth and start acting like a man who exercises self discipline and personal responsibility………And yes, I was at EBR the one and only rehab I was ever at…….And yes, I, at times hated the morning reading/meditation…….but I also agreed to abide by the rules…….And the rules were the 1st week there nothing but A.A. meetings…….. What’d you want??…….. Special rules for you??…….And as for the $194 on your EBT card …….How much ripping and robbing did you do during your runs??? ……… Exactly…


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