East Boston Rehab

52 White Street  Boston, MA 02128

Tel: 617-569-2089


3 thoughts on “East Boston Rehab”

  1. Hello
    I am really looking forward to speaking with staff members,about residential liven,an about the program.
    Thank you very much…


  2. The East Boston Rehab kicked me out for attending an appointment at a career center ,at 9:00 am. Which conflicted with the morning meditation group that goes 8:00 to 8:15. I’m still waiting for my discharge papers, which they refuse to give me, in an attempt to cover their tracks, I suspect. As they withdrew the $194 balance of my EBT card, not more than an hour before I came home from job search to find that I was being kicked out. I still remain sober despite the administrations attempt to destroy my focus and determination. I was told by staff that” this isn’t the real world, ” that I need to obey their rules . Appointments don’t matter to them. I was really in shock. However, this isn’t the first time that a Recovery based program has left a bad taste in my mouth. It seems that it’s a big rackett, not about helping the struggling addicts or alcoholic anymore, but rather taking advantage of our vulnerability


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