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678 North Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301                                    

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One thought on “Edwina Martin House”

  1. Hi!

    This is Emilee MacDonald again. I wanted to tell you how impressed I was by your program. I love the routine and the meetings. I love how your services give woman a second chance.

    When I was there for my site visit, I could sense the love, the care, and the level of work everybody contributed too!!

    I have done other site visits and would like you to know that I enjoyed your atmosphere and care much more then the others!

    I am wondering if you are looking for work at all or even just for the practicum. I am an extremely hard worker. I love to hear feed back and learn from it. I stride to work to my fullest ability! I have always worked to my fullest ability.

    I am messaging you because I could not find an email.

    Looking forward to hearing back!

    Kind regards,
    Emilee MacDonald

    Also, I remember Judy saying she was short licensed counselors. I think it would be awesome to get to know the house, and then after school i will have my ladc and be a certified counselor!


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